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The components of the "East – West" sculpture are spatially oriented along vertical and horizontal lines. The vertical direction is determined by the two seated figures; they are connected by thin horizontal lines stretching from east to west. The figures are in a state of rest and concentration; they are a frame, a basis for processes and relationships. What will they be like? What will form the basis of the fabric: constructive ideas, or outdated stereotypes? Will this be a partnership, will the fabric turn out to be smooth and beautiful, will new trade routes be established, heralding the dawn of a new age of prosperity? Or will it be a tangled weave of rivalry and enmity, will the threads be stretched to the limit, snap, and lead to conflicts? It is up to the elected representatives of states, their inner readiness for compromise, to determine the degree of tension in the threads, the "interweaving of fates", the aesthetic value and durability of the historical fabric that is about to be woven.