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As we know, the progress of humanity is owed to the most gifted individuals. However, fruits of the progress are unpredictable.

Let us assume that somebody, a creator on God’s will, writes stories in which plants, animals and people are sharing genetic information and thereby acquire new and interesting properties. At the same time, a completely different author implements his ideas. He creates real transgenic plants and animals that look no different from the ordinary. They are beautiful, resistant to disease; they are growing rapidly and promise victory over the food crisis.

Is there anything similar between the two authors? They are contemporaries. What they create today will be tested by time. In the first case, however, the only risk of the author is to remain in obscurity, while the responsibilities of the second author are more serious: he works with a living material, and only the future generations will be able to see the consequences and determine the value of genetic engineering in the development of the mankind.